Top Ten Case Modifications on Gaming Consoles and PC

by yogesh

Modification is a very versatile word; use it with stem, it could mean a potato (they are stem modifications); use it with homes, it could mean big bucks spent on remodeling; but use it with gaming consoles, it means superb artistry, sheer genius imagination and loads of hard work. Here’s a list of case mods on gaming consoles that have caught our eye in the past. And since this has fast growing tangent industry to the actual gaming world, we sure will be keeping a lookout.
10) TotalConsole’s new I-Case mod for your Nintendo Wii
Featuring blue LED, this clear case mod comes with everything you need to get yours looking like the one you see here. “It’s perfect for those gamers who want to inject their Wii with a further healthy dose of fun and make their console stand out from the rest.”

9) The Metroid Wii Mod by Ramon
Charity begins at home they say, and with the purchase of this mod people got an opportunity to get charitable as 15% of the sales proceeds went to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity. The mod Wii sports custom-made Samus Aran emblem and the case mod integrate a Wiimote charger in its light up stand.
8) The Pink Floyd “The Wall” PC Case mod
A tribute to the cult band, The Pink Floyd “The Wall” PC Case mod caters to the rockers as well as the geeks. Any Floyd fan will have a hard time taking his/her eyes off this one. The hammers, the emblems and the bricked design are all in line and memory of the greatest album by the band.
7) Super Mario Galaxy Wii mod
This mod’s proceeds too went to charity. Modder Ramon after previous efforts of Zelda, Samus, Rockstar and Clerks Wii mods decided this one would benefit Child’s Play, the children’s charity started by Penny Arcade. In this design he has incorporated 59 LEDs, 5 custom circuit boards, 30 feet of wire, two Mario figures, a controller holder; also everything else you see is either hand-made or laser cut. A custom plate dedicating this to Miyamoto is included in the design. The customized console stand has an integrated Wii remote holder and a compartment for recharging the included lithium-ion batteries. The edition Mario figurines seen on each side of the stand belong to a limited edition.
6) The alligator-themed Xbox 360
Presenting a 360 that looks like it just crawled its way out of the Everglades. It is covered with a lizard-textured skin, and even has realistic alligator eyeball in place of its power switch. No need to inform Peta, it’s faux all the way
5) Swarovski Crystal Wii and DS Lite
Created by, there is no denying that these blinged mods are for the haute rather than serious gamers. Yet the bling factor is quite appealing and the work that goes into sticking each crystal, one-by-one, demands respect from all. The Wii was not for sale but you can buy the Mario-done-up DS Lite for $350.
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4) Rockstar’s modded Table Tennis Xbox 360 console
Llamma is probably one of the best in the Xbox modding world and Rockstar Games to be taking advantage of the talents by commissioning Llamma to do a few custom mod-jobs for the Grand Theft Auto developers. Two Table Tennis mod for Xbox 360s were commissioned, one of which went to the developers and the other was given away at PAX games convention The mod features a clear plastic panel on one side, LED table tennis ball and matching glossy black controls with the Rockstar logo screened onto it. Amazingly Brilliant!
3) God of War PSP mod for charity auction
The new God of War themed PSP mod was auctioned for charity as well. 15% of its sales proceeds went to Child’s Play charity. According to PSPFanboy, “The PSP console itself was airbrushed with a deep metallic bronze in an 18-step process and then strategically tarnished to create a battle-worn armor look (like the chest plate worn in the game!).”
The mod also uses a red acrylic window on the back so that gamers can watch the UMD be read and a couple of red LEDs light up the shoulder buttons. The PSP also comes with an attractive, red velvet-lined case to store it in.
2) Blood Splatter Xbox 360 Case Mod
The Blood-Spattered Xbox 360 case mod has a chilling appeal; totally for those who can handle blood. A decent attempt to spook you.
1) The Hulk PC
The Hulk PC case mod is really amazing. Wires dangling all over the place would usually be considered a very bad job but with this Incredible Hulk PC case mod you can see why wires left loose can create something so creative and visually stunning.
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