Top 8 things we are expecting at CES 2012

by ruchi

The world’s greatest tech show, CES 2012, is just a month away where we will see the entire tech world descend on Las Vegas. The show will be running from 9 – 13 January but speculations about what the world might get to see there has been on rife for a while now. Here is a list of tech products, in the descending order of their hype quotient, that we just can’t wait to lay our eyes on and hope that this year’s CES will oblige us with same.
1. Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo, in its attempt to revolutionize the gaming industry, has got out a new controller with an embedded touch screen that allows you to continue a gaming session on the portable controller even when your TV is off.

2. Windows 8: Microsoft has already announced this is its last year at CES so we can probably see some big bang with its upcoming Windows 8 OS. Windows has been trying to win back its mojo in the smartphone market and its new OS claims to be a star for it is designed to power both tablets and conventional PCs.
3. Smart TVs from Apple and Sony: While last year’s CES celebrated the onset of Android devices, this year it is expected to see the Smart TV babies from tech giants like Sony and Apple which will usher in a new dimension to our world of entertainment.
4. Android 4.0 devices: Ice Cream Sandwich has a new reference owing to the latest version of Android OS which common OS for both tablets and smartphones in the coming year. Just like last year, we think a lot of manufacturers will announce tablets and phones or upgrade their existing devices with Android 4.0
5. Quad-Core Mobile Devices: We have seen enough of speed dual-core processors like those in devices like iPad 2 and iPhone 5. Nvidia says that it smartphones featuring its quad-core Tegra 3 processors may arrive in the first half of 2012. Whereas quad-core tablets, like Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, are already here.
6. OLED TVs: We did smaller OLED TVs from LG and Sony last year, but the concept still remains unexploited at large. Samsung and LG are expected to showcase 55-inch versions at the event and probably we’ll see other industry players hopping in too.
7. .Xbox and PlayStation: If rumors turn out to be true, Microsoft might be unveiling their Xbox 720 this time, with Sony also doing something similar with PlayStation 4.
8. Smart Home Technology: Smart TVs and refrigerators have just been the tip of the iceberg. At CES this year, we expect to see home appliance giants to roll out new advancements in areas like thermostats, remote monitoring, LED lighting, energy management and others.

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