Top 5 Weirdest Alarm Clocks

by Dhiram Shah

Alarm clocks come in all shapes and sizes. But we are not featuring your regular alarm clock which only buzzes to wake you up. These are the nastiest wake up machines which will wake you up no matter what.
At No 5 is The Sfera Alarm Clock pictured above hangs from the ceiling above your bed. When the alarm clocks you can easily up and touch it to activate the snooze function. But after this the clock retracts towards the ceiling. So the next time you have to reach a little higher to activate snooze again and get 10 minutes of sleep. To turn off the alarm you have to reach for it and drag it back to your bed, which will turn off the alarm and forcing you to get up.
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No 4 – Rumbling Alarm clock
The Anemone clock challenges a person when awakening. The twist to this clock is that when the alarm goes off the clock rumbles intensely, therefore making it a little harder to find the off switch. The clock also bounces away from the origin, due to the rumbling, thus creating another challenge of getting out of bed and chasing the clock around the room, kind of like a pet. After capturing the clock, one must hold on to the clock while the clock rumbles the person awake.
No 3 – Clocky Alarm clock
Clocky is an alarm clock for people who have trouble getting out of bed. If you hit the snooze button clocky will fire it’s engines and roll of the nightstand, fall on the floor and run around the room, searching for a place to hide where you cannot shut it up. So when it rings again you have no choice but to get up and find it. It hides in a new place everytime so you are guranteed to get up.
No 2 – Blowfly Flying Alarm Clock
Many sleepers experience that after they turn off the alarm clock they go on sleeping. One thing that sometimes wakes you up at night and prevents you from sleeping is the mosquito or blowfly when flying around your room. The Blowfly alarm clock works like a Blowfly. At the desired time it flies off from it’s cage and starts flying and making an irritating buzzing sound around you. The only way to stop it is to wake up catch it and put it back in the cage.
No 1 – Puzzle Alarm clock
At the top of the alarm clock is a puzzle made up of four pieces. It wakes up with the alarm and by firing the four puzzle pieces in the air. Until you put them back in order the alarm wont go off. So now you have to ge up search and put them back in order. Any kid can also solve a four piece puzzle set but at 6 in the morning it is taxing even on a MIT professor. So by the time you solve the puzzle you are wide awake.


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