Top 5 Wackiest Toys from the Tokyo Toy Show

by Dhiram Shah

With the Tokyo Toy show on we present you the the 5 Wackiest toys showcased there.
No 5 – Takara Tomy Q-Steer Remote Controlled Mini cars
From the world renowed toymaker Takara Tomy comes the Q-Steer remote controlled cars (pictured above). These tiny cars measure just 4cms and are remote operated. You can choose from a few famous Toyota and Honda models. The remote control is also the size of a USB Pen drive. These tiny racers will be available in Japan from Mid-September.
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No 4 – Honeybee Remote controlled Mini Helicopter
Though it is not as small as the Q-Steer, this tiny helicopter can hover for around 50 seconds on a single charge. It can be controlled via the remote control. It will be available in Japan from end of July for 5229 Yen ($ 45)

No 3 – The hand of destiny
This will surely remind you of the moving hand in the Addams Family. The hand of destiny moves on its own and using sensors points the finger towards the person.

No 2 – Airblade Racer
The airblade is an amphibious racer with horizontal placed wheels using which I can move freely on land as well as water.

No 1 – Cat Robot
I am sure you must have never seen a more realistic robot than this. However like the Aibo it cannot walk but it responds well to all that caring doesnt it. The Robot Cat is scheduled to hit stores by September in Japan, pricing is not known.

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