Top 5 Technical drawbacks of the iPhone

by Dhiram Shah

Never before has the launch of a mobile phone generated so much buzz than with the iPhone which marks Apple’s entry into the cell phone market. Steve Jobs has high hopes for the iPhone and plans to capture 1 % of the mobile phone market which may seem small, but it is not as 1 billion handsets were sold last year which would mean 10 million iPhones, not to mention that it is an expensive phone at $ 499. Coming back to the topic here are the Top 5 technical drawbacks of the iPhone.
5) 2 Megapixel camera – Apple did put all the latest stuff from accelerometers to light sensors then why stick to a dated 2 Megapixel sensor when its main rival the Nokia N95 sports a 5 Megapixel camera.
4) Battery Life – It is much obvious that when you have the slimmest smartphone with a huge touchscreen battery life is going to be a problem. 5 hours of talktime is not the lowest in the class as it still beats the Motorola Q but it will surely be a turn off for heavy users.
3) No Expansion slot – 8 GB is a lot of memory but sometimes we cant get enough of it as you wont be deleting “Lost” to accomodate some new movie this is when a Memory card comes in the picture.
2) No 3G – Sure it does has EDGE and Wi-Fi but adding UMTS or HSCSD would not hurt either.
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1) Non Removable battery – Apple’s tradition of non-removable battery continues with the iPhone. Mr Jobs we know that Mac OS X is pretty stable but it is definitely not perfect so what do we do if the phone freezes, as removing the battery is the only option to get it started again. Smartphones are prone to such problems and as you start filling up the onboard memory the chances of the phone freezing increase dramatically.
Apple has not yet disclosed vital information like what kind of Processor it has, what speed it runs on and the amount of RAM in it.


  1. Dr.fatal

    I’m pretty sure people would find more drawback if those 5 lacking features were added. Now, what’s the sense?

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    With all the adoring praise being heaped on Apple’s iPhone, it’s about time someone starting noticing its flaws. Newlaunches has its list of gripes here; ours is forthcoming. Top five shortcomings o the iPhone according to Newlaunches: 1. 2-megapixel c…

  3. Eideard

    Interesting — didn’t expect to find any marketing/sales types here; but, I guess for real geeks aren’t wanted either.
    Move along!

  4. brbubba

    5) What do you think this is, Korea? No phone sold in the US has a 5 megapixel camera and 3 hasn’t even become a de facto standard in GSM phones overseas. And I can tell you right now, you WILL NEVER be able to buy the N95 from a US cell provider. First update they do it will probably have 3 or more.
    4) 5 hours of “talk time” is a lot. Lets wait and see how long the standby time is and then we can whine about the battery life.
    3) No other phone in the US or Europe has 8 GB of storage. Not to mention adding a micro SD slot for that extra little bit of storage ain’t going to cut it, the access time is too slow. As it stands its already more than any quadband GSM phone, including your beloved N95, stop your bitching.
    4) Yes, no 3G does suck, but the US market hasn’t kept up to the point where Cingular can offer ubiquitous 3G service.
    5) Even if you could remove it, its not like you are going to carry around an extra. Not to mention its probably a molded lithium polymer to maximize battery life by squeezing it to take up the max amount of space they can. The only minor negative in this case would be if you had to have it replaced.

  5. Ash

    what about the lack of one handed use, Windows Mobile has been thrashed because it has poor one handed the iPhone looks like you can only use it with two.

  6. Yash Desai

    agree 100% , i can live with the rest but the #1 needs to be changed. I own a SE910i and its really stable. but it has happened that i dropped it from somewhere and the thing just got stuck. power button wont respond either, removing the battery n re-inserting it solved it pronto. apple must rembr tht its humans who are gonna b using this ‘perfectly stable’ device of theirs. having said that, really cant wait to lay my grubby paws on it.

  7. simon harris

    Also: No PUSH email – The Blackbery beats this hands down – Pop3 email is totally impractical (and depending on the carrier, horribly expensive to use) email. Blackberry is number one for a reason: Push Email.

  8. Fred Scales

    It does have push email. Apple has partnered with Yahoo and they will be providing FREE push email to those who register for a free yahoo email account.

  9. Foo Bar

    @ simon harris: yahoo! is going to offer free imap push mail to iphone customers.

  10. S. J.

    It’s amazing to see protective people are of their beloved phone manufacturers when Apple introduces their first phone. It is very obvious the biased opinions of those Steve Jobs haters. If this phone had a Motorola badge on it, 90% of you critics would be jumpin’ for joy at such a breakthrough device. By the way Motorola phones are the most overrated phones I’ve ever had the displeasure to use. Sorry to just pick on them (there plenty others).
    The only REAL gripes I would agree with are the lack of a removable battery (from a cost/easy to replace perspective) and lack of one handed use via a click-scroll wheel. OK, 3G would be a “nice to have” from a gadget junky perspective. Everything else blows all current U.S. phones out of the water.
    Remember, it’s a phone first, Ipod second, Internet device third… camera is WAY down the list. Think about it, why would you want a 5 megapixel camera phone when the lens is the size of a pencil eraser!!? If anyone is that serious about their photography, then invest in a dedicated device specifically designed to do that. Megapixels are SOOO overrated.
    I’m much more curious as to what applications will be developed for it since it runs native OS X. How well will this device integrate in the PC world with popular apps like Outlook? That will ultimately decide it’s wide spread adoption or not for those “business crackberry types” — you know who you are 😉 However, I don’t forsee any of you folks ever leaving the click-scroll wheel.
    For those wanting a 5 megapixel camera and to watch TV on a miniature screen — all I can say to you is: move to Japan.

  11. Dominique

    Nothing to be protective about… Apple has some great products… but the iPhone at current spec’s is very much 2004 in terms of technology. By the time it launches we will see the Nokia N95 available, with an AF 5MP camera, HSDPA (tri-band for worldwide use), SD card slot, Blackberry connect software, GPS and actual buttons to type in a phone number and write e-mails. Touch screen phones have been around for years and they still suck! Ever tried to dial a number on a touch screen while driving? It just doesn’t have a keypad because SJ thinks it’s not nice.

  12. Jynxed

    “iPhone at current spec’s is very much 2004 in terms of technology.”
    Maybe it’s just me, but last time I checked my local Cingular store, there were absolutely no touch screen phone/mp3/camera/internet/video devices, with or without removable batteries and GPS capabilities. If you want to spend upwards of 900.00 on a phone because they added all of that, buy all means, go for it. But I’ll stick to a more cost friendly version and buy the $10 extended warrantee or and/or insurance, which you should always invest in when purchasing a phone that you rely on for a life line.
    “Ever tried to dial a number on a touch screen while driving?”
    have you ever heard of voice dial? Incase you haven’t been informed the reason that voice commands have been incorporated into most phones released in our modern tech world is because, in America, most states are pushing to make use of a cell phone in a moving vehicle a traffic violation, unless of course you are blue tooth enabled.
    As far as the 5mp camera goes, I suppose this could be a valid excuse to not buy one of these phones, if you were making money via phone photos, and the only people that I have ever heard of that managed that were arrested for sticking their cameras under bathroom stall walls.
    When it comes to technology everything has it’s “bugs” at first, and everyone will have something to say negative about even the most advanced of them all. But all the same people who whine about it are also the same individuals who looked at a regular cell and said “it needs to be playing card thin.” “I want internet capabilities and they need to be faster than my home PC” “i hate flip phones can’t we have something less complicated?!?!” “I would like to play my entire music collection on this thing.” You cant have every thing. you wanted it so thin it couldn’t have a regular battery, you wanted lots of music which resulted in needing more and more memory, you wanted faster internet and better camera leaving it susceptible to freezing and lower energy retention. Make up your minds. They are giving you everything in their capabilities that you can rapid fire at them.
    I have a suggestion…
    Remember that a cell phones primary use is none other than communication. If you really want a fail proof device that does exactly what you had in mind, seeing as you feel you could do a better job, make it yourself, you super genius.

  13. aurellll

    just the biggest move in the communication divice!! as much as the old desktop xerox computer! soon all the phone’ll do the same as it happened somehow for Nokia

  14. RaeA

    Interesting looking at the hype from afar (Australia).
    Without 3g capabilities this phone just won’t find a market in Australia, and I suspect that is why its not destined to go on sale here until 2008. Either Apple are trying to line up some-one who can provide connectivity using some other system or they are planning to upgrade the phone in the next 18 months.
    At the moment the only advantage I can see this having over my Nokia n93 is storage, 8Gb to 2Gb.

  15. Teefs

    Yeah, a lot of hype and not much delivery for the projected price. I mean, how long do you want to groove on a touch screen and i-shcheisse compatibility? I reckon I’ll wait for the Nokia N95, and leave the i-stole-this-name-phone to the kiddies who have tired of their D&G Razors.

  16. Jim Jimson

    You drop this thing, it’s done for. Thwack, right on the cold hard concrete. goodbye 600 dollars.

  17. cleo

    I want to love the iphone but I can’t. There’s no wireless calendar sync. Allow me to clarify the PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. call me crazy for assuming that calendar updates is the biggest part of that equasion. As for yahoo “push” email, that depends on what you consider real push. I tried out that new yahoo go! that supposedly syncs your device with your yahoo email, calendar, etc… yeah, it does it every 40 minutes or whenever it feels like it. That’s not push. Sorry kids, this is real business. Daddy needs the damn message asap to make money so he can afford to buy your expensive ipods for xmas. I’m going to forgo the pretty iphone and get the blackberry 8800 that actually emails, s
    nvs my calendars, plays mp3s, and has amazing, useful gps not some silly google maps widget… for half the price.

  18. Marth

    Can’t every FREE or $1 phone meanwhile send MMS? The iPhone can’t. Being able to send full blown colorful email doesn’t help me much, if nobody else will be able to see it on their phone. C’mon!

  19. Heh

    I work for AT&T/Cingular, and as bad as this sounds, I would never get an iPhone. It’s very limited compared to other phones we have, and all the requirements to get them are going to make a lot of people angry. Some say this is going to be a ‘game changer’. This phone is a joke.
    A much more comparable device is the 8525, which has everything the iPhone has except for the massive storage, and the fancy voicemail ‘stuff’. The 8525 is cheaper, faster, and can do a lot more (even blackberry and Microsoft Direct Push).
    As for the “push” email from yahoo… I’m sure a yahoo email address is very professional for some of you. And it’s not push. It’s a timed pull to an imap setup that is only allowed for iPhone users, which is going to shorten the battery life (a lot) and be quite slow, considering it’s called “push”.
    As for the full email capabilities (with pop/imap), and all the fancy stuff with that… I’m sure the people at xda-developers have stuff that can make that happen on other phones as well…
    The only things about this device that I find intriguing is the massive storage (not upgradable though), and the cool graphical interface (hooray for tops in eye candy). But nothing else. It’s missing so many fundamental things for this age it’s scary that people even think it’s cool.
    But that’s just my opinion. Btw, there’s more limitations going to be in effect when this finally comes out. This phone really will suck ass.

  20. Tim

    The truth behind all of this is that the iphone is NOT inovative in it’s technology. It does however market itself very well. Trust me when I say this. Most people who want this phone are notr true cell phone geeks. People like me have bought Nokia n95’s that stomp the iphone to the ground minus a few features I can live without like the voice mail (which is cool but some people say that fact that you can rewind in the middle of listening is great, next time you are listening to a voice mail with a att/cingular account push and hold the number 1 and watch the magic take place) or the auto wide screen (vs pushing a button on the n95) and a few other minor things. Touchscreen ? Inovative? pfft. My Rokr E6 has a touchscreen and a stable linux platform, with Full SD support ( sd cards go up to 8 gigs now) with realplayer so I can play any form of music (vs having to get an itunes account) The technology is there the problem is no other phone company could market it like Apple did (trust me the hype stems from the success of the ipod) so Steve jobs took the steam built up and used it to market something that has been out for quite awhile now. Even with the ipod. Sony had been trying to release an ipod variant 5 years before Apple did. Once again technology that has been around which failed to be marketed corretly. I don’t prefer Apple, and I am sure the problems with this phone will be painfully evident once it is released. But I can say kudos to Jobs and his team. And if you want to complain about why technology is so hard to adapt in the US blame yourself. The demand wasn’t there. But I guarantee one thing. People that get business from the handheld market are gonna stomp on the iphone now that there is a demand. Trust me I would hold off and wait until the big boys like Motorola and Nokia start releasing phones to compete with the Iphone. I can gurantee that it won’t be the ihone that wins considering companys like Motorola and Nokia rely on this market.

  21. kkcoolj

    Nice to see someone else be realistic. I’ve started to compile a list of shortcomings for the iPhone, and it’s already 2 dozen reasons long.
    It makes people who are serious about abandoning their current smartphone think twice before spending the night in line at the store for a change to get a new iPhone before they sell out.

  22. TJ

    My firend works for apple and I’ve had a chance to play a little. It’s got it’s issues but all-in-all in rocks. You lame asses who diss before trying are morons.

  23. gunaranjan

    for such small amount ($499 -$599) iphone is able to provide such a good device. their might be the next version which would overcome all the mistakes. hope for it.

  24. ShotLine

    I dont have much time, so im going to keep this simple.
    The voice dial on the IPhone sucks. And what do you mean its an internet/game device. The internet on it has no JAVA support!!! And, ITS APPLE!!! what do you mean gaming device!?!? Its one of the most un game savvy phones out there. And be quiet about the camera. If it DID have a 5mp camera, you wouldn’t be saying it shouldn’t, you know it should have one. The only thing I say that you are correct about is that the insurance is easy to get, and with how fragile the piece of junk is, you’ll sure as hell need it.

  25. Kashyap Parikh

    One can’t forward sms via Iphone 🙁

  26. Paras Johar

    How do u fwd contacts and sms’s on IPhone ?
    Here’s the nswer, tap the installer button and wait for the refresh process to complete on its own (if it does start).
    Now from the catergories ot to Network and look for SMSD, tap on the same and let it install, after the installation press the home button wait for the phone to return to lock screen…slide and unlock the phone now…u should the SMSD icon on your spring board..tap the same and you are now ready to forward sms’s, send contacts, delete individual sms’s….

  27. Michael

    what do all the complainers think now? LOL! Morons…


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