Top 5 Robots of 2006

by Dhiram Shah

The future is robotics and whether you like it or not in the next 25 years you will be having one in your house to make your life easy. We did cover a lot of robots last year and we have compiled a list of Top 5 Robots.
No 5 – Wall Climbing Robot
Developed by Hideji Nakata the four legged metal spiderman clings to the wall using a suction pump on each leg. The robot measures 500×500×150mm and weighs 6kg. Though still in development stage very soon the military might use such units for surveillance and even combat.

No 4 – WL-16RIII Walkbot
Standing 1.28 meters tall (4 feet) the WL-16RIII Walkbot is one robot which I hope gets commercialised very soon. It is designed to help the disabled and the needy as one can sit comfortably and control it.
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No 3 – First Female Robot
Whenever we refer a robot we always do it as a “he” however Takahashi-San the famed robot designer changed it all and created the first female robot. The attractive bot has all the curves and performs a graceful catwalk with all the twists, turns and poses of a supermodel.
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No 2 – Fish Robot
Developed by Mitsubishi heavy electric the robot moves like a real fish using its tail and fins. A CCD camera can be attached to its front for transmitting images on the surface and in the near future robots like this will help us uncover the secrets of the deep blue ocean.
No 1 – Samsung Machine gun sentry robot
So how did this robot with a gun come on the top spot not that we love voilence the sentry robot is almost complete and with a price tag of $ 200,000 it goes on sale this year. With infrared night vision and advanced pattern recognition it can spot the difference between a tree and human. It will be deployed in the border between North and South Korea thus saving a lot of precious lives.
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Honorable Mention – Tachikoma Robot
Sure to bring a smile on anime fans the robot (Think Tank is the name) can speak and the voice is given by the same guy as in the series. It has around 19 joints in its body making its movement life like.


  1. eric

    I don’t think the Samsung Machine Gun Sentry robot will ever be in place on the border between N. Korea and S. Korea. That would violate the Armistice agree that states only what equipment was in place during the signing shall be allowed in.

  2. Morgan

    The samsung robot so should not get number one… the amount of research money samsung has and they built something that a couple of students built a few years ago and tacked on a huge excess… There have been several that perform the same concept, some look to be as good as the $200k samsung.

  3. Maks

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