Top 5 pumpkin carvings for Halloween

by Dhiram Shah

There never has been a more creative Halloween like what we shall be seeing in the next three weeks. With a mighty collection of some of the most well crafted pumpkin heads, we have a huge collage from Walyou that aims at giving you something to appreciate well enough. So we have brought it all down to our favorite 5 pumpkin head designs from the list of 130. Here goes…
No 5. PlayStation
Though this idea may be quite literal as compared to the rest of the pumpkin heads we see, it will surely bring the whole ghost town downtown to check out the first pumpkin head PS console. It’s high time the ghouls got some frigging action.

No 4. Norman Bates
This one’s good enough for its realism. Very few people who have watched Psycho, would miss doing a double-take on seeing this awesome pumpkin head. It can act more as a prank pumpkin rather than an idle Halloween showpiece.
No 3. Exorcist
This movie didn’t only make meek-hearted people in the theatre die all those decades ago, it still haunts the memories of those who have seen the little girl growl her blasphemies at holy men. This pumpkin head is bloody scary.
No 2. Transformers
It surely must’ve taken a Goliath effort putting this one together. With the heartbroken fans of Optimus Prime still reeling from the aftermath of the last Transformer movie, we can expect some honors for this one.
No 1. Joker
We will all miss Heath Ledger as much as we miss MJ. But I feel that the latter has had his share of tributes. This face that Heath left behind will live on in the minds of Batman fans as well as others who saw the flick.
You can also check out all the rest of the pumpkin heads that make this Halloween a work of art. Happy scares to you.

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