Top 3 remote controlled flying toys from Japan

by Dhiram Shah

Picco Z the super compact and lightweight sterofome helicopter was a huge success and one of the top selling toys of last year. Taking it to the next level Japanese toy major Takara Tomy has unveiled some of its latest flying wonders.
No 3 – Micro sailplane
The remote controlled micro sailplane is 15cm long and weighs just 2.5 grams. It does not have an engine and has to be launched manually once airborne the glider can be controlled via the remote control. It has a wheel attached to the fuselage so you can glide it for a succesful landing.

No 2 – Helibot
The Helibot is a mini version of the personal helicopter. It weighs 12 grams and works on the 2.4 Ghz frequency. It has a stick figure which houses the battery compartment and the main rotor. It is 20 cms wide and 16.5 cms tall. The Helibot will be available in Japan from July for 7329 Yen ($ 60).

No 1 – Jump Jet
The Jump Jet is the most advanced of the three, it is 40 cms long and weighs 72 grams. It has 4 motors and using a Gyro sensor to adjust the airflow it can perform vertical take offs and landings. It is powered bya 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery and will be avaiable in Japan from July for 26,040 Yen ($ 210).

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