Top 3 reasons the iPhone 4S is a total disappointment

by Dhiram Shah

Tim Cook finally ended months of speculation by unveiling the iPhone 4S. But the phone was nothing short of a disappointment after the long wait, so much that Apple’s stock closed down 5% on the Dow Jones and Apple’s suppliers in Taiwan also took a beating. To some extend an Apple product is more about the software and the rich user experience it delivers but looking at the sweet Android offerings from HTC and Samsung this statement does not hold base for the iPhone 4S. Here is a roundup of why you should not get in the line for the 4S.
3 – Same old design
The iPhone 4S looks the same as the iPhone 4 except for some more juice under the hood. A new product should have a new design, so if you upgrade to the iPhone 4S and hang in till the end of the contract your phone’s design will be three and a half years old.
2 – No 4G
I agree 4G has not rolled out for the majority of the consumers. But if I am buying a phone for another 2 years, I would want it to be 4G.
[The number one point after the jump]

1 – Same display
The retina display is great, it supports a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels and delivers absolutely crisp images, videos and text. Apple has been sticking to a 3.5 inch display since the original iPhone and it was about time Apple transitioned to a 4 inch Retina display. When it comes to playing games, browsing, reading, watching videos, clicking photos, and all the possible tasks associated with a smart phone a bigger screen is always better.
Its not absolutely downhill for the iPhone 4S it does come with a dual core A5 processor and a 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video and Apple is going to sell tons of them before the iPhone 5 pop out.

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