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Top 10 Weird Game Controllers

by Dhiram Shah

Innovation has kickstarted a new trend. With every new generation of video game console comes an even more innovative game control. The content of the game is no longer the only criteria; it’s the type of game control that you play with that makes all the difference. Sega Mega Drive Controller, NES Zapper and Atari 2600 joystick may be a distant past, but the new generation remotes are equally hip. Today, controllers can connect to consoles through Bluetooth, like the Sony PlayStation 3, or sport motion and tilt sensors, like the Nintendo Wii remote. Here is list of the top 10 Weird Game Controllers; weird cause they are a breed apart!
10. Control Glove
This new design control has just been developed six months ago. Control Glove was conceptualized by Engineered Fibre Structures Ltd., and can be used as a controller in a video game, sending multiple commands via Bluetooth. Featuring fingers that are tipped with contractors, it requires players to rub certain fingers together to perform different commands. It is made of a lightweight textile stretch material. Most likely to become the next Microsoft Xbox feature!
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9. Paradox for PlayStation 2
bodieLobus, a small company based in Detroit has come out with this weir one. Featuring a thumb-operated trackball hooked on to a PS2 gamepad controller, and that’s the Paradox for you. It’s the world’s first gaming controller that features the patent-pending “reflex control,” allowin you to use the natural precision of a computer mouse with a standard gamepad controller. This controller provides reverse compatibility with all PS2 games, including Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan and Red Faction 2. You ca even your computer via USB to enjoy any computer game. Only 30,000 pre-orders will be accepted, so rush out and order the Paradox today for $26.99 plus shipping.
8. Emotiv Systems’ Project Epoc
emotiv.jpgImagine a game controller that uses neuro-technology to gauge your nest move! Emotiv System has developed a headset called Project Epoc that “uses a set of sensors to tune into electric signals naturally produced by the brain to detect player thoughts, feelings and expression.” You can connect wirelessly to all game platforms, including PCs, using the power of thought. The company’s detection software suites were demonstrated at this year’s Game Developers Conference.
7. NES Mini
This one looks like a clone Power Player Super Joy III from Famicom. G-force, a DIY on BenHeck.com is jam-packed on a NES controller. It contains 76 onboard NES games, including Duck Hunt, Galaga, and Super Mario Bros. It also features a cartridge connector on the back of the NES Mini to play additional NES games. The Nintendo logo is backlit, thanks to the white LED installed.
6. Xbox 360 QWERTY Text-Input Keyboard
The upgraded version of the Xbox 360, due out the week of May 7, will support text- and instant messaging. Whoever plays games and texts at the same time need serious help! Moreover, Microsoft will be releasing a QWERTY Text-Input Keyboard that connects directly into the 360 controller. Too much of texting involved; give me a break!
5. Force Dynamics’ 301
Since its inception in 2004, the New York-based Force Dynamics has built small, high-performance motion systems for entertainment, private use, and military training. Its latest offering, the 301, is anything but small. ‘The 301 is a motion-gaming system that incorporates a networked three-axis digital servo drive controlling three actuators, a 51-inch LCD projection screen, a Logitech 5.1 surround-sound audio system, and custom FFB controls including a racing wheel and pedals.’ It works with Windows-based software that supports simulations for rally, GT racing, Microsoft Flight Simulator and others and responds very quickly to motion. According to the company, “you can feel each bump in ripple strips and sometimes the texture of pavement and gravel.” The 301 measures 55 inches across and weighs 700 pounds and retails for $35,000.
4. Shinkansen Wii Controller for Densha de Go!: Shinkansen
Densha de Go!: Shinkansen is a popular Japanese simulated train video game. The game is based on the country’s Shinkansen high-speed rail network in which players get to operate five trains. The game is intended to be played with the Shinkansen Controller, which looks like a train conductor’s controls, complete with an LCD screen to display the speed of your train and a foot pedal to beep the horn. It is already available for the PS2 and PSP platforms, and can now be purchased for the Nintendo Wii for $69.90.
3 Dream Machine
Incase you were under the misconception that only Wii promoted fitness, they you need to be introduced to The Dream Machine. Inventor Robert James-Herbert has created the world’s first multi-modal physiointeractive computer game control simulation system. In simple terms, it’s a contraption that gives you both rotational and four-way pan tilt action to play any game on any platform. It was first demonstrated at E3 in 2005. The players need to use their entire bodies in order to control the virtual car, bike, plane, or skateboard they see on screen. Its fully adjustable for all ages and fitness levels and costs $1,700.
2. USB Finger Dance Mat
usb.jpgThe Dance Dance Revolution has found favor with many people so maybe that’s why the creators let their creativity get the better of them. This device connects to the comp via a USB port and then you can let your fingers do all the dancing. To enjoy the USB Finger Dance Mat you need to follow the lights on the mat with your fingers. As the game progresses, the lights go faster. The set sells for £9.99 ($19.72 USD) on DrinkStuff.com, and comes with the USB dance mat and cardboard finger characters.
1. NubyTech Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller
Resident Evil 4 fans will simply adore NubyTech’s Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller. For a totally realistic feel the device uses N-motion technology. Gamers can change their weapon’s position in the game by raising or lowering the chainsaw controller. The pull-cord on the controller can be used to begin the game; moreover the rumble feature feels like the real thing. This limited-edition bloody controller is available on VideoGameCentral.com for both the PS2 and GameCube, and sells for $29.88 and $45.88 respectively.

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