Top 10 Biggest Windows Errors

by Dhiram Shah

Windows errors pop up when you least expect them, we have compiled a list of Top 10 Biggest Windows Errors which span from Times Square and across the Atlantic.
No 10 – Barcelona Spain
Smooth sailing on the calm seas and you hit a bump – A Windows error message.
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No 9 – Times Square – New York
Check the screen above Virgin’s neon sign the computer appears to be running Windows 98 or ME.

No 8 – London bridge
Not too clear as it was shot from a camera phone but as you can see from the shop sign the screen is pretty large.

No 7 – Times Square – New York
Error initializing modem? Wow never thought they would still be in use.
No 6 – Germany
There goes Vista, not sure about the location.
Thanks Jeff
No 5 – Las Vegas
Wow looking at the icons it is not just videos they run using that computer.

No 4 – London
Better start debugging your media player guys. The Coke ad is located at Piccadilly Circus, London.

No 3 – CVS Pharmacy – Las Vegas
The top screen is actually blue but appears black due to the camera angle. Seems they could not get a technician to fix it or it crashed again in the night.


No 2 – Times Square – New York
Adam Gaffin online editor of Network World was on a vacation at the Big Apple. At Times Square he got to see the world’s largest Windows Error message apparently two storeys tall. It was the only billboard in the entire square with absolutely no movement – since the PC running it had obviously frozen. It looks like a Direct X error message.

No 1 – New York
PSP running Windows 2000? The huge screen showed PSP promos, the above screen came up when the system crashed, rebooted into the Windows 2000 login prompt.


Honorable mention – Actually no Windows error gets bigger than this. This event occurred when Bill Gates was unveiling the then-new Windows 98 at COMDEX on April 20, 1998. The demo PC crashed with a BSOD when his assistant (Chris Capossela, who is still working for Microsoft as Corporate VP in the Information Working business unit) connected a scanner to the PC. The crowd reacted with a thunderous applause.


  1. Ward

    Since Germany is not in The Netherlands, I just assume that photo no6 is actually shot in The Netherlands. At least the error is in Dutch.

  2. Mir

    That vid~!!!


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