Top iPhone Apps for the Person on the Go

by Dhiram Shah

Several iPhone apps are now available to ensure that the person on the go has access to information at all times. Moreover, he is also able to communicate and do many things that are necessary even when conventional systems used for such tasks are not available. But much depends upon the individual needs as well. Here is a list of 7 such apps that should form a list of every executive who is very often traveling.

1. Skype
This is one of the most popular apps for iPhones and iPads. The app facilitates communication including video calls, telephone calls, and instant messaging and texting. It may seem unnecessary because smartphones are able to serve most of those functions, except video calls. But the advantage of Skype is that such communication is much cheaper. Added to that is the fact that Skype app is free.
2. AroundMe
This app helps to locate places and destinations in the alien land. Knowing the location of gas stations or hotels in other cities or countries can be a problem. Getting reliable help at the right time may also be difficult. The risk is averted with this app as it shows the directions and locations as asked for by the iPhone user.
3. Credit Card Terminal
This app gives an edge to the sales force. The gap between turning a prospective customer into a client is bridged by using this app. The customer does not get a chance to rethink, or meet sales personnel of a competitor. At times, customers are delighted that the sale is concluded so fast. The terminal lets the customers pay with Visa, Amex, MasterCard, and Discover. The transaction is recorded. Also, the app facilitates refunds. Digital signatures can be captured with it. It is possible to email receipts along with maps in PDF format. The app also accesses customer’s contact details from iPhone’s address book. So business executive do not need to worry about the renewal of their HostGator Web Hosting plans as he can easily renew or buy a new plan using this iPhone app while on the go.
4. QuickOffice
It’s hard to imagine life with conventional tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. For people on the move, time is a scarce commodity. If they need to use any of these tools, they can with QuickOffice app. This app also lets the user send the reports or documents generated in this fashion to other apps such as Dropbox or MobileMe.
5. DragonDictation
This app allows users to dictate the letter or message instead of typing. This feature is convenient because using iPhone for typing may not be as suitable as dictating to it. The app does not cost anything.
6. Expensify
This app is ideal for employees being sent to other places. Quite often, it is difficult to produce the record of travel expenses. This app lets the user take snapshots of all payments and generates expense report which can be presented at the office for claiming reimbursement. This is also a free app.
7. Remember The Milk
For people on the move, there can be a distraction if something is recalled suddenly. It may be a small home expense that needs to be paid, but thinking about it at sales meeting is not something anybody wants to do. This free app ensures that nothing is forgotten at the last moment. Therefore, it is ideal for single persons with nobody else to take charge at home in their absence.There are many other apps such as Tripit for keeping track of complete travel itinerary, Dropbox for sending pictures and videos, Jotnot for jotting notes and scanning them, Roambi for analyzing various reports of the business, and Free Wi-Fi Finder for locating free access to Internet. As mentioned before, frequent traveler’s requirements determine which app is necessary for him or her.

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