Top Five Benefits for Driving Hybrid Vehicles

by Dhiram Shah

Hybrid cars are here to stay. They have captured a substantial market share of gas based cars in less than two decades. While conventional cars continue to have a loyal market, thanks to the speeds possible with them, the future may belong to hybrid automobiles unless new technologies replacing gas and battery operated cars is discovered.

The top five benefits of driving hybrid vehicles include-
More Miles Per Gallon
cost-saving-on-fuel_hybrid_carHybrid cars exhibit considerably higher fuel efficiency. Toyota’s hybrid car, Prius, is able to give 50 MPG, irrespective of terrain on which it is used. Honda Civic’s Hybrid and Ford Fusion’s hybrid vehicles provide approximately 40 MPG. Effectively, these cars require less than $1,400 each year for fuel. Fuel costs rise randomly and rapidly. Therefore, it is as difficult to manage them in a monthly budget. Using hybrid cars helps to bring down fuel costs substantially.
Cheaper Insurance

Smiling couple taking financial advice from consultant at home

Smiling couple taking financial advice from consultant at home

Insurance companies are under impression that hybrid cars cannot achieve great speeds. Consequently, there are fewer accidents in which these vehicles are involved. Because of this impression, insurance companies charge lower premiums for insuring hybrid cars.
Tax Incentives
uncle-sam-cash-in-handGovernments offer tax incentives to people opting to purchase hybrid cars because these cars reduce pollution in the air, and correspondingly, the government stands to gain on public health front. The government also wants the technology to be absorbed faster because it is not certain till when the world’s oil reserves would last. The government also wishes to encourage further development of such technologies, but cannot spare enough funds for such developments. Instead, it offers tax incentives to buyers so that the turnovers of hybrid car manufacturers increase, and in turn, the manufacturers are able to spare monies for research from such additional turnover.
Compatible Parts
partsAs of now, there are very few hybrid car manufacturers, even though hybrid car market has increased substantially. Because of this, auto parts used in all hybrid cars are more or less common and readily compatible across all hybrid cars, irrespective of their make and model. Car and car parts manufacturers are tentative in their approach to the hybrid car market because they consider it as a transition market. They expect new technologies to be around soon.
Green Alternative
hybrid_carsHybrid cars use less gas, and, therefore, they do not release harmful components from fossil fuels into the atmosphere. They also do not warm up the world. People using hybrid cars are considered as environmentally conscious elite, and those who care for the earth. Many celebrities and famous people subscribe to the view that people should be adopting environmentally friendly alternatives.
Why People Still Use Gas Cars?
china-trafficUnlike hybrid cars, gas based cars are manufactured on a large scale, so are their parts, making such cars more affordable. Parts for vehicles such as VW (Volkswagen) can be bought online anytime, from sites such as These parts differ substantially from one VW model to another and one brand of car to another. Because of availability of different types and sizes of parts for gas based cars, the car manufacturers can afford to tinker more with the internal and external designs to improve the car’s efficiency.
green_alternativeEffectively, hybrid car’s advantage related to parts is also its handicap for new developments. It is also an accepted fact that hybrid cars cannot travel at the speeds possible with conventional cars. If the speed of traveling in the car is material then opting for the hybrid car may not be the best choice.
electric-car-vs-gasolineAs of now, the market is not sure whether to continue with existing technologies in automobiles that use only gas as fuel or to shift to hybrid cars. With new developments such as solar energy showing promise for automobiles, it is unlikely that the car market will change gear in near future. Consequently, hybrid cars that have already come into the market will continue to rub shoulders with gas-based vehicles for some time, each with their advantages and disadvantages. In so far as automobile parts manufacturers are concerned, they are also adopting a wait and watch approach.

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