Top 20 Gadgets and Gizmos from CES 2015

by Shayne Rana

Strange Innovations
CES is also the place where out-of-the-box thinkers come to show off concepts and innovations that are far from commonplace and are designed to cater to those segments of society some of the bigger guys don’t necessary. Here are some of those unique and ingenious inventions that caught our eye –

bmw-self-parking-assistant-1Take for example the BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant technology that uses a corresponding smartwatch to determine your location while the on-board car sensors use a digital map of a structure to locate it and simply drive on up to you. Automatic braking also comes into play for this tech.

lulzbot-mini-3d-printerThe LulzBot Mini 3D printer uses a public archive system and is based on open source technology to enable almost anyone to print a desired object. It’s also fully compatible with plenty of 3D printing software that’s currently available. It’s speedy and quite well priced at about $1350.

parrot-potThe Parrot Pot is a rather unique flower pot that, with the help of an app connected via Bluetooth, one can ensure that their plant get’s the very best nutrients, water and more, at the right time and in the right quantity.

onewheelIf you thought the Segway was just too bulky and the OneWheel requires too much of skill and dexterity, then perhaps InMotion’s R2 is just what you need. The R2’s handle bar can even be removed if that gets in your way of a ‘handsfree’ ride taking the old quip – Look ma, no hands – to a whole new level.

wearable-drone-cameraEnter the Nixie camera drone that is one the coolest mini rotor based quad-copter/drone, selfie capturing cameras to date. It wraps around your wrist and can simply be tossed into the air activating a camera that will record or snap your every move.

Rocket-SkatesOne of Iron Man’s original suit designs, from way back in his early years, included a pair of rocket powered skates. Today’s RocketSkates, aka exo-shoes work on the same school of thought as a Segway and can be controlled simply be tipping your foot forward to go or, or backward to slow down or stop. They even connect to a smartphone app with effective read-outs of all kinds of information including distance travelled.

petcube-pet-camera-1The Petcube camera is definitely a very cool gadget for your pets at home. Aside from a wide angle camera built into the box that lets you keep an eye on your pet, it also features a laser that can be controlled to give your pet some exercise. This will work brilliantly for cats who love cashing the little red dot.

For the smart-parents of today a device like Pacif-i, that’s essentially a pacifier that is capable of recording your baby’s body temperature, could be of great help. It connects to your handset via Bluetooth and also has a built in proximity sensor.

melomindMelomind is high-tech headgear that’s designed to help you give your overworked brain a break by using sensors to send soothing audio to help you ‘chill out’.

The perfect gift for someone who loves to eat, Belty is today’s modern belt that can expand and contract on its own. It’s a smart-belt for today’s smart dresser. It loosens when you sit down and tightens when you get up, all on its own.

For the outgoing ladies, Panasonic’s smart mirror that recognizes your face, allows you to virtually apply make up to see how you’d look. Don’t fret fellas, it also works on men who wish to see what they’d look like before heading out to the barber or whipping out their electric razors.
That’s our top 20 list for CES 2015, needless to say, we’re going to keep a close watch on these gizmos and gadgets throughout the year to see how they fare, but we’re eagerly awaiting the next CES event to see just how much further tech will have advanced.