Top 20 Gadgets and Gizmos from CES 2015

by Shayne Rana

Wrist Tech – Fitness bands/Smartwatches
There have also been numerous additions to wrist based fitness gear and smart-watch technology updates announced at CES 2015. Our choices for the top contenders in this segment are –

withings-activite-pop-5Withings Activité Pop, which may look like a simple and inexpensive analogue watch, but at its core it’s quite a functional fitness tracker. Connected via Bluetooth to the Health mate App, it records quite a bit of information for those looking to track their daily routines and stay a little ahead of the fitness curve.

garmin-smartwatch-2Garmin’s Vivoactive may not be the most stylish of touchscreen enabled smart trackers/watches, it does however mange to fit quite a bit of functionality into its slim design. Equipped with GPS and a Heart Rate Monitor, the Vivoactive can also act as a notification system when coupled to your handset.