Tomy’s Mario Kart shoots Shells and Bananas at other karts

by Dhiram Shah

We have seen Mario Kart racers in the past but this one is special. The ‘VS chassis’ as Takara Tomy calls it features LED lights and infrared sensors and just as in the game you get periodic roulettes of special powers, which are indicated on the remote control (pic after the jump). Just as in the game a mushroom would give you a dash of power and a star would give you more speed and knock opponents once you touch them. The karts have infrared sensors at the back so if an opponent shoots a green / red shell or throws a banana the kart would vibrate and loose speed. The remote control has an inbuilt speaker for an even more immersive experience. The karts go on sale in Japan from June 19th which each selling for 2730 Yen ($ 30).
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