TomTom techs up insurance

by Gareth Mankoo

TomTom has given some really cool things to us, especially in the navigation market. Now it’s time they surprise us with more and that’s just what they managed with this intriguing move. The company has put in some impetus in the launch of Fair Play Insurance, a program that rewards good ‘drivers’ with lower premiums. Greener minds will soon have financial benefits. This move, in association with insurance broker, Motaquote, will give drivers who take the cleaner route with some benefits in their insurance plans.

Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of TomTom said, “Our entry into the insurance market with our proven fleet management technology puts us at the forefront of a move that could help to revolutionize the motor insurance industry. We offer a unique combination of navigation, traffic information and telematics which opens up great opportunities for insurance companies to promote greener, safer driving and create a ground breaking portfolio of new insurance products.”

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