Tokyo’s Vampire Café is a Terrifically Terrifying Halloween Experience

by iona

If you fancy a truly terrifying eating experience this Halloween, you’d do worse than stick your neck into Tokyo’s Vampire Café in Ginza. Victims, sorry customers, are welcomed up the escalator and into a private booth in Dracula’s chamber, where they are sealed in for the duration of their meal. The extensive menu features dishes of a blood-thirsty vampire theme, and being largely seafood-based (this is the land of sushi, after all) are not for the faint-hearted. Waiters dressed as gothic butlers and waitresses in French maid outfits could be straight out of a Marquis de Sade novel, with a Japanese twist. Replete with coffins, crosses, skulls, crossbones and fangs all over the place, this may be the perfect place to hang out in Tokyo this Halloween.

Be prepared to dig deep to pay for a Halloween dining experience in the Vampire Café. Dinner for two can easily set you back $100.

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