TokyoFlash’s Road Trip watch is classy and may be the easiest of the lot when it comes to telling time

by Shayne Rana

The last we heard from Tokyofash was the funky yet oddly complicated Gridlock watch and this, the Round Trip (they love their travel/transportation names) is the newest member of the collection. Quite like the others in the set the Round Trip also features those jazzy colors in bright LED digital tubes but at least this one looks simple enough, or should I say conventional enough to read easily. The Round Trip is USB rechargeable and to save energy the watch automatically switches off so all you can see is a smoked black lens. The Stainless steel case and strap gives the watch that classy touch and the user selectable animation mode between 18:00 and 24:00 adds the funk factor to it. The Round Trip will set you back about 15,900 Japanese Yen. That works out to about $169 which includes delivery. Since it’s a limited edition it’s only available exclusively from


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