Tokyoflash Kisai Seven Watch is inspired by Tron

by ruchi

Tokyoflash has rolled out its latest timepiece called the Kisai Seven which was designed by one of the company’s fan. This handiwork is of the UK designer Scott Galloway who turned to Tron for his inspiration and came up with this concentric circle design. He had submitted this as a fan concept last year but didn’t it would finally make it to the productions mills of Tokyoflash.

The company has a history of doling out watches which call for some deciphering and calculations before you can actually figure out the time. with this one, Tokyoflash has kept the time-telling business pretty straightforward. The inner ring shows the hours whereas the outer ring counts 5 minute blocks. There is the L-shaped bars on the top and the bottom of the dial which show 1-4 minute modifiers, allowing you to figure out the exact time. It has a plastic body which is attached to a polyurethane strap with a seamless butterfly clasp, and you can trim the strap to fit. The watch will be available in white and blue LED versions and can be charged via USB. Besides, it will have several display settings and is presently on sale for $99 with the price jumping to $139 at the weekend. For more on Tokyoflash watches, check out the Kisai Rogue Watch and the Kisai Kaidoku we featured earlier.

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