Tokyo FM to deliver music and fragrance

by Dhiram Shah

We have seen USB powered aroma pots but this is something new an aroma joule which generates aroma based on the program playing on the radio. The aroma joule is loaded with six perfume compounds which are mixed to generate the right smell. It connects to the PC via USB to download the aroma program and generates aroma in accordance with the music and artist being played. While operational various colored lights are activated giving you a more soothing experience. The solenoid valve inside the aroma joule opens electro magnetically to spray the perfume with air so there is the right amount of perfume in the air.

The USB aroma joule is available for 49,900 Yen ($430) and the service will start from October 2nd.
Six perfume compunds are mixed for the right smell
Lighting gives a soothing effect


  1. Tokyo FM, fragancias y música sincronizadas

    El Tokyo FM, aparte de por su nombre, es el típico producto extravagante que a buen seguro tiene su parte de éxito en Japón pero no podemos ver ni triunfaría por Europa. Porque, ¿necesitas un gadget USB que huela de forma diferente según el tipo…

  2. De geur van Frans, Jannes of André in je huiskamer

    Er zijn al een aantal producten op de markt die aroma’s produceren via USB. Nu komt TokyoFM met een nieuw aromaproducerend snufje dat de te verspreiden geur bepaald aan de hand van muziek op de radio. Het apparaat geeft hierbij…

  3. EDI

    I like Tokyo fm .every day listen and joint


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