Tokyo Flash Kisai Rogue SR2 Led Watch tells the time with style

by ruchi

We have certainly have a lot of snazzy choices when it comes to wrist gear but Tokyo Flash watches always seem to stand out. If you have earlier liked their Rogue watch, this redone version will surely look catchy to you. Hailed as Kisai Rogue SR2 LCD, this pepped up watch displays time through a circle of connecting blocks. The LCD display here always remains in the ‘on’ mode and you can switch between 4 colors. The design looks slick with its curved yet slim casing and stainless steel straps. Reading time on this hybrid watch is simple but not something that you’d catch in the first look itself. It has LED backlighting and available for $179. For more on similar watches, look for Gridlock Watch, Kisai Watch and Road Trip Watch that we featured earlier.


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