Tokyo Burger King to Boast Musical Shower Booth

by iona

Always at the forefront of technological weirdness, Tokyo will soon be home to a Burger King joint with a musical shower booth. Burger King was forced to close down when sales in Japan hit rock bottom, but with the addition of the musical booth for the karaoke-crazed Japanese and ex-pat audience (there are many), customers may finally be lured in for a sneaky burger and quick sing-song on the way home. The musical booth incorporates a dock for your iPod or iPhone, so you can play your own music, whilst the overhead shower-type ceiling fitting directs the sound so that only those sitting in the booth can hear it. However, they may still be able to hear you crooning along, so make sure you get lots of karaoke-box practice before you hit the slightly more public Burger King stage.

Burger King has failed to mention whether they will throw exceptionally bad singers out of the restaurant for disturbing the peace.