Toilet themed park in Korea takes all your crap with a smile

by bharat

Now then, you thought you’d seen it all, reconsider and travel to Suwon, outside of Seoul, South Korea, where a toilet theme park has been opened for your attraction. This new Public Park and museum is filled will something for every family member’s poopy desire. The theme park has ancient Korean flush toilets, European bedpans, Roman-style toilets and yes, fun facts about poop so you go out in a satisfactory laughter. Now, you’d ask why such a bizarre theme park, well its courtesy recently deceased mayor of Suwon affectionately called Mr. Toilet, who had a passion to improve Korea’s public toilet condition and educate people about proper hygiene maintenance in toilets.

Mr. Toilet’s fondness for toilets supposedly comes from the fact that he was born in a toilet in his mother’s parent’s house. His greatest achievement in Korea’s toilet history was a giant toilet shaped house he built for himself in 2007, which is now operated by World Toilet Organization. Mr. Toilet is also recognized as the founder of the World Toilet Association, his valuable contribution to cleaning up crappers is what’s made the people of Suwon to contribute money and build this toilet theme park in his honor.