T-Mobile LG Flip II Android Phone packs dual-screens

by Gareth Mankoo

Back in the day when we had clamshell phones owning the scene, we’d acquaint ourselves with the main display on the inside and a secondary one on the outside. However, the age of the clams is past and now the touchscreen phase is here, with only sliders prevailing alongside. So, to keep some flame of the good old displays alive, we see the T-Mobile LG Flip II Android Phone. It’s a pretty good offering with Android 2.2 Froyo, an apparently well distributed QWERTY that has a secondary screen in between the keys and T-Mobile to usher it into the land.

The T-Mobile LG Flip II Android Phone will come in with an affordable $200 price tag and will prove to be a good competitor for similar such phones in the range.

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