TiVo Premier leaked

by Gareth Mankoo

We had earlier seen how TiVo made it possible for users to view the photos uploaded online, on their TV screens. However, though a new development was much awaited, we were on the brink of some startling revelations, and as we could expect, we were obliged. TiVo’s Premier has managed to make it to the senses of the rumor hungry folks from the blog world, thanks to a mix-up. It all happened when one Patrick McCarron upgraded to a TiVo HD and found that there were setup guides for the TiVo Premiere and the Premiere XL in the box. After that, all hell broke lose among TiVo fanboys.

The revelations of the yet unreleased versions include a front-facing dual Cable Card slots for single-stream and multi-stream being replace by a single rear slot, a missing S-Video and RJ-11. For more, we need to wait for further mix-ups and blunders.

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