Titanium Mouse mixes elegance with geek

by Gareth Mankoo

A mouse may seem unnecessary in the bevy of peripherals but hey, that’s one thing you need to have your tangible comforts relied upon. So you put in some more bucks and invest in the Titanium Mouse. Its outer shell is made of Titanium with a fair bit of manual crafting put into it. The Titanium Mouse is a work of craftsmanship and easily qualifies as a luxury accessory. What many may seem as unnecessary and frilly can easily be a fashion statement for the others. Much like what Vertu does for a few cell phone enthusiasts.

The Titanium Mouse has a neodymium magnet on the scroll wheel, specially designed by Intelligent Design. The mouse costs over $520. Some would get a decent gaming PC set up with the same config. Well, choices.


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