Tiffany & Co. doles out an (i)app to help you buy the perfect engagement ring

by ruchi

Here is another app that makes your ubiquitous smartphone ‘smarter.’ Tiffany & Co. is taking the concept of online retail to the next level by tossing out an app that let you pick up your engagement ring by means of your smartphone handset. Hailed as the Tiffany &Co. Engagement Ring Finder app ( the name is ironically tedious), it will also allow you to create a Facebook page where in you save your wishlist and route your friends’ opinion there.

This will definitely save up all that effort of taking a friend or two along to the store to pick up the ring. The app provides for a number of views of the ring from different angles and its tries its level best to match the in-person shopping experience wherein a buyer gets the complete view of his potential purchase. Also, the app allows you to choose a ring and run a second opinion to the company’s diamond consultant for an opinion, before you make the final payment. And like all good things, this one too comes for free and can be downloaded from the iTunes store. No word on how soon this would begin favoring other mobile OS platforms like Android and RIM.

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