This LED Flashlight from Energizer is one tough baby

by Gareth Mankoo

If you’re tired of all the utterly fragile flashlights with end up in shards, right in the middle of the camping trip, then you need to get your hands on this one. The Hard Case LED Tactical 2AA Second Generation Handheld Light from Energizer is made for rough hands (and use). It can survive 15 foot falls and can also perform well underwater. It is slightly overpriced, owing to the fact that it has LEDs rather than silly fragile bulbs. It’s got a 70 lumen light that is augmented by blue, red and green LEDs. For those of you who hate running out of battery juice, the light can be used with even a single AA, though it will produce a dimmer light.

The Hard Case Energizer LED Tactical 2AA Second Generation Handheld Light can be made to stand erect while the head swivels. This can be of great help for those who decide to take a game of chess into the woods.

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