This Misubishi air-conditioner lets you create two temperature zones in one room!

by Gareth Mankoo

Mitsubishi Electric is in the works of creating a fascinating new air conditioner called the Kirigamine FZ Series. This unique contraption will settle generations of squabbles about the ‘optimum temperature in a room’. About six models of the same shall be released with capacities ranging from 4kW to 9kW. The magical property of this device is achieved is enabled with a personal twin flow technology that equips the air conditioner with two groups of propeller fans of high efficiency. This could put domestic disputes to rest and also help create isolated temperature zones in themed restaurants. The possibilities are many and the technology is up for the taking.

Misubishi air-conditioner  2
The Mitsubishi Kirigamine series is in development. It will be expected soon.
Misubishi air-conditioner  3

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