This Japanese café is a haven for space geeks

by Gavril Mankoo

If constellations and galaxies are your idea of morning-after chatter then Japan’s where your next date should be! This amazing café that is set up, albeit temporarily, recreates some visuals from a planetarium. Besides the star-studded interiors, the drinks in themselves are themed around planetary bodies and colored and shaded to represent their namesakes. Themed cafes are often the prime destinations for budding lovers but when you think Japan, there’s got to be something intelligent or geeky attached to the thrill of love.

star-cafe-in-the-universe-cafe-2Even though it is a themed café, you could go light on your pocket at 2,700 Yen ($22) per person. That’s a couple’s entry for under $50! The café is functional between April 5th to May 31st, after which, we suspect it will disappear into oblivion, like the rest of our space-age dreams.

[Source – Nlab]