This illuminated pool table looks right out of Tron

by Gareth Mankoo

Pool tables mostly find themselves in clubs, pubs and some rather lavish homes. Given that it is a sport that goes well with some leisurely sips and great company, in all probability it will be frequented when the lights are turned low. This makes this illuminated seven-foot long pool table an absolutely fabulous option to have. It is made by hand and is made to order. We have reason to believe that these are manufactured in Georgia, US, and allow buyers to pick the color if illumination that they want. This could go down pretty well in Tron themed setting like this one.

pool table 1
The illuminated pool table only ships in the United States. It will set you back $7,999. Drop those eyebrows. What did you expect? It is hand made and spans a rather large surface area and is lit to the hilt.
pool table 2


[ Via : Etsy ]

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