This enormous USB mask from Thanko saves you from pollen

by dhiram

Just when we think that whacky Japanese manufacturer cannot amaze us any further, they are ready to prove us wrong. This time they have developed a USB mask which has a sole purpose of protecting the wearer from pollen and other allergies. The question is – would you sneeze a few times or ride the subway looking like a UN weapon inspector examining a nuclear reactor in North Korea. The onboard fan works on multiple settings to pump in fresh air while you carry on your day to day activities forgetting that everyone around is just staring at you.

This brilliant invention weights in at 194 grams and even at the quietest mode pumps in fresh air while generating a noise of 60db, which is the equivalent of an old refrigerator, but hey, for someone who wears this mask conversing with normal people would just be too mainstream. The Thanko USB pollen mask sells for 3980 Yen ($ 38).





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