This Controller Lets You Play Poker Wirelessly

by roshan

The world of real money poker games is ever evolving as online sites try and jockey for players to their site. One area that is often overlooked is the poker player’s experience. For years players have been tied down to a standard PC or laptop keyboard and mouse to play online poker. That has now changed as Poker Controls has released the first ever Wireless Poker Controller.

When a user gets their Wireless Poker Controller, the first thing that they will notice is that while it looks similar to a standard gaming controller, it is tricked out for online poker and is a bit larger. While some may not appreciate the bulk of it, others will like the fact that it is less likely to break the first time you toss it aside after suffering a bad beat at the tables.

Installation of the unit is a breeze. You plug in the wireless controller into a USB slot and go to the website for installation. The process is fairly quick with most connections able to do it in under a minute.

The controls on the WPC are excellent and makes playing at the tables very simple. Down the right hand side you have your bet raise and fold buttons and on the left side you have your betting wheel. This is the equivalent of using your mouse on the betting slider bar.

In addition, there are great preset buttons like bet x2 pot, x3 pot, x5 pot, and all-in. There are also buttons for table switches, lobby, sitting out, and even an “on-tilt” button that will freeze you out the game if you are on a bad run of cards.

The only real negative for this unit is its size. Those that do not have large hands might find that certain preset buttons are too far away from the standard controls to be reached easily.

Overall, the Wireless Poker Controller is great for those that love to play online poker but do not want to be tied down to the PC. For more about the WPC or for a demo you can watch the Poker Controller in action her