This business card monitors your ECG, closes many a deal

by Gareth Mankoo

Business cards serve the purpose of bridging communication gaps but they can also be innovatively repurposed to create sales opportunities. MobilECG introduced a business card that simply portrays the value proposition of the company by including a pulse monitors in the card body. It performs a mini ECG test, which shouldn’t be taken seriously as it isn’t accurate. But you have to give the idea a thumbs up. The card reads the pulse rate of the person holding the card in a particular manner and displays the results in a cute little display area. There’s also an instruction inscribed on the card, guiding users on how they can create this little helpful tool from home.

The idea is very novel. However our sharp minds do not fail to imagine how insightful it would be when you’re handing the card over to the other person, when nervous. The pulse monitor could well expose anxiety and display it as clear as daylight. Our best wishes lie with the sales guys who dish these out.

[ Via : Trendhunter ]

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