This BB-8 could be your best driving companion

by Gareth Mankoo

They could use Morgan Freeman’s voice in the navigation system but wouldn’t get close to creating an in-car companion as endearing as this BB-8 bot. ThinkGeek have got their thinking hats on for this one and we’re seeing a prototype that looks like the best thing that could perch on your dashboard. The little droid will charge your phone so that you are never out of juice and will in fact nestle into your cupholder. It connects to your 12 V power adapter and offers two charging ports making it even more utilitarian. The best part is that this amazing little droid also beeps the way an authentic BB-8 would. That’s great looks, a right dose of geek and a fantastic car accessory all bundled into one body.

This surely has to be something every fanboy needs to possess. It holds the power to ensure you have company and your sanity even on long solitary drives. It is available for pre-order at a cent under $36 and will be shipped by April 2016.

[ Via : Hellogiggles ]

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