Things heating up in the new iPhone 3GS

by monali

The new iPhone 3GS made record sales soon after its release in June and it still continues to fly off the shelves as everyone wants a piece of this baby. Amongst this frenzy, some reports of the iPhone 3GS overheating surfaced and Apple has gone into damage control mode, yet again. Apple has cashed in big time on this iPhone craze and is certainly not ready to let any negative reports ruin its party. So, on June 25th, Apple released a set of instructions for iPhone users to prevent it from overheating. Unlike its predecessors, the iPhone 3GS has an overheating warning screen to avoid roasting up the phone. The instructions provided by Apple are very basic and are applicable to any smart-phone available today and the rest is pure common sense. Apart from these instructions, make sure you don’t run too many applications at once and cover up the iPhone while using it in hot/ sunny conditions. This should also be enough to save your phone from heating up.

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