Thermaltake cooling accessories for heavy gamers

by Dhiram Shah

At the Computex 2007, Thermaltake showcased accessories which are sure to please hardcore gamers. When most people play games their hands sometimes become sweaty and can make certain areas of the keyboard and mouse slippery, which can have serious effects on your gaming career. Here is the Thermaltake Anti-Perspiration Wrist Pad which looks more like a speaker system. It connects via USB and draws in air from the two fans on the side, mixes hot and cold air so on placing your sweaty palm on the pad it dries instantly.

Another cool device showcased was the Thermaltake DeskCool a small fan-less cooling device that allows a user to cool their hands during game play. Powered via USB the DeskCool features a small membrane which vibrates to cause the air flow out of the device. Pricing and availability of the devices is not known yet.

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