The Zegna Bluetooth iJACKET

by Dhiram Shah

The amalgamation of a sportswear specialist and an innovative fabric maker is bound to have deep repercussions in the textile industry. You may wonder where textiles fit into gadget pages. Well, if the sportswear company is Zenga Sports and the textile manufacturer Eleksen using ElekTex smart fabric, then it’s mandatory to put it on our pages. The stylish Zegna Bluetooth iJACKET also called as “communication clothing.” With the Zegna iJACKET, you can use your cell phone and simultaneously listen to music on their iPod managing both through a sleek control embedded in the jacket sleeve. In addition to Bluetooth interface the integrated microphone on the jacket collar allow wearers to dial and chat on the phone wirelessly while enjoying music from their iPod. When there is an incoming call, the music volume automatically drops to notify the wearer, and the sleeve control panel instantly switches to phone control mode.

The Zegna Bluetooth iJACKET is specifically designed for the niche market and is now available at Ermenegildo Zegna boutiques. Pricing starts at $ 1700.

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