The World’s smallest one person helicopter

by Dhiram Shah

Sean Connery using a Jet Pack to escape from the bad guys in the 007 flick “Thunderball” was cool, after seeing something like that everyone of us must have thought if only…. Here is a more practical and comfortable alternative, the GEN H-4 from Gene corporation – Japan is your personal helicopter. It comes with a seat and landing gear so all you have to do is strap on and you are ready to go. Unlike traditional helicopters it has 2 sets of coaxial, contra-rotating rotors (KA-52 Hokum for all you military buffs) which eliminates the need of a tail rotor for balancing. The rotors have a length of only 4 meters (118 inches) so no parking problems too. It is powered by 4 lightweight 125 cc 2 cylinder engines which use standard gasoline. The GEN H-4 can fly to a maximum altitude of 1000 meters at a top speed of 90 km/hr (59 mph) for upto 30 minutes. You dont require a license to fly the GEN H-4 in Japan and the inventors claim it is easy as riding a bicycle and with just 2 hours of practice you can master it. The controls also resemble a bicycle handle.

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You dont get the GEN H-4 as a ready unit, Gene corp is selling it as assembly kits. It is available in Japan for 3,780,000 Yen ($ 32,500).
Bicycle like controls are easy to use.

Props to Dr. Joao Freire from Brazil for the video.
AceCraft is the licensed distributor in the US and sells the GEN H-4 for $ 30,000.


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  5. Inspector Gadget

    Hast du damals auch immer die Trickfilmserie Inspector Gadget gesehen? Oder den Kinofilm?
    Der gute Inspector hat eine sehr praktische Einrichtung um dem Verkehr zu entgehen: Eine Hubschrauber im Kopf/Hut. Und sowas ähnliches gibt es nun auch für richtige

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  7. thuy

    Very attractive product but the propeller length somewhat appears as a parking problem. If it is possible to be an adjutable in length like an anttena or even swing up and down for example.
    For colder climate, we need some heated space. An inflat and deflat baloon kind with clearview area and blow in heated air would be require to travel.

  8. Martin Tibbitts

    I am not sure that Acecraft is still in business. Many of their email addresses are dead and the site hasn’t been updated in a while.
    Martin Tibbitts

  9. fil

    need more details, how safe is it? what about repairs?

  10. Frank Bui

    It’s a smarted design, I like the idea of “contra-rotating rotors”, and this has got rid off the tails rotor which has taken space.
    I would like to add a comment to the safety issue; it would be nice if a parachute is installed some where on the chopper so in case of the engine sudden stops at a height attitude, the pilot’s life can be saved.

  11. stan

    this craft looks interesting but how well will it fly, the cost seems a bit steep for an ultralight!

  12. savannah

    so is 30,000 the cheapest for one of the helicopters??????

  13. Jared

    I’ll Take one for 2,000 lol seariesly thow

  14. Jose Romo

    I have tryed to stablish contact by phone with their company in Japan, but they only speak Jap. Thus it is very difficult to know what are they talking about. Does any body know if they still have a distributor in the U.s.?

  15. AB

    It has 4 engines with auto-engaging clutches, so engine failure could occur and still enable a safe landing. The cost seems excessive, when the engines are less then $6000 combined and the airframe is aluminium tubing. I guess R&D and shipping with a profit margin is the reasoning? There seem to be some flight control issues, which is probably why it’s not on general sale. Either that or they’ve simply gone out of business?

  16. Jason Osai II

    how safe is this thing and how well can it fly and where can i get it in the US?

  17. aazar farooq

    pls tell me the price

  18. aazar farooq

    pls let me know the models and the lowest price of one person hillicopter

  19. bbl

    You’ve got to be crazy to get on one of those things. And I’ve flone just about everything.

  20. Derek Drakes

    Love to know how much each unit is and what is the criteria for North & South American Exclusive Distribution. How far can you travel with the current fuel capacity?
    Thank You.

  21. Alex

    as stated in the above article, it costs $32000 and travels at top speeds of 90kmh with flying time of 30 mins. therefore max distance of 45km. around 29 miles, but i would call somewhere between 20-25 miles on the safe side.
    also how is this any more dangerous than flying a full size helicopter? this is more stable and easier to controll due to the counter rotating dual main rotors instead of a tail rotor, and to make turns the speed of each rotor is adjusted.
    As for the price, go look at the price of a ‘full size’ small 2 seater helicopter and then tell me this isnt reasonable. youll find them to be over 70000 at least.
    so if you where willing to pay 2000 for it that is abit of a thoughtless statement. as thats around the price you might pick up a cheap gocart or motobike for. somehow i would be hoping abit more work and designing has gone into one of these helis and therefore the higher price that comes with it. besides, a higher price would make you feel abit safer then if it was only 2000.

  22. kamlesh

    I want to fly in air without any machine which required much energy. by using human power &little energy can we fly? i always think anout that &plans idia’s for the flying. can you guide me?

  23. Jay

    I have also sent emails with no response.

  24. Justin

    wow…well heres one thing the japanese have done right, 32,000 is a bit steep for me and yes i feel safter in with that than flyin in something that only cost 2 grand. oh yea and something like a parachute would be nice just incase of an engine stall. Some one tell me where i can get one in the US.

  25. woofbite

    they say if a bumblebee could flap its wings fast enough it could stop a locomotive so i suppose concievebly if You could flap fast enough, You could get airborne for a few seconds. i did see this thing fly a few summers ago at Oskosh. not heard anything since. i thought it couldnt auto rotate if the engines failed tho

  26. Umesh Jadhav

    I like that . Its amazing for me . Well i am intersted to buy . Will you please let me know the price .I am waiting for your good mail.

  27. Verticle5

    I would need to see a power off autorotaion to the ground before I would purchase one. However, due to the small size and low weight I do not think there is much stability in any wind condition. Outside of sport or pleasure, I do not see much usable application for this other than maybe roof top to roof top in a conjested city. In the sky, 20 miles is not much. Don’t forget you will have to refuel

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