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The weirdest looking TV tuner ever

by Dhiram Shah

From Geforce Japan comes the G-WWT-1201B a TV tuner for use with portable DVD players etc. The TV tuner looks more like a PCMCIA Wi-Fi card but has a built in 1 bit Digital TV tuner. It also has 512 MB of Flash memory for recording your favourite TV programs. It can record upto 2 to 3 hours of programming however does not support EPG. The onboard Lithium Ion battery is good for max 3 hours of viewing it also comes with a Cigar socket attachment for use in the car.

The Geforce G-WWT-1201B measures 69×110×26mm and weighs 125 grams. It will be available in Japan by March 2007 for 40000 Yen ($ 340).

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