The Wattson keeps an eye on the electricity consumption

by yogesh

It’s always the question about budgeting. No matter how much keep aside for your electricity bill, it’s always you who end up getting the shock. Know how much you are consuming in each and every room, in real time with The Wattson. This ingenious wireless device displays the amount of electricity being used in your house via the ultra-stylish Wattson receiver. It displays a running total of the energy you’re currently using, in either watts or pounds sterling. Seeing those numbers is a real eye-opener. Wattson has the ability to communicate info through its cool ambient colors. When the lights are blue, energy consumption is low; when they’re red, it’s high and maybe you need to turn off a few lights/devices.

Installing Wattson is easy; simply clip its transceiver to the wire between your meter and fuse box and it raring to go. No electrician required. Hook up the device via USB to your computer. Go online to see how your individual energy savings are making a real difference as part of a collective effort amongst fellow Wattson owners. It costs $306.60 only!

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