The Waterfall door

by Dhiram Shah

Ideas whether dim-witted or ingenious have been accepted and what better example than this one. Presenting, the Watur door, it does everything except what a door is meant for…literally. The Watur is a door made out of streams of water that continually fall down until someone hits the “handle” and they stop, allowing for access. Alternatively, in the summer time you can use it to cool off when you enter the house by walking through the door when it’s “closed”. I think it’s more like a prank machine with I fooled you written all over it. Surprisingly, this thing is actually for sale and isn’t just some prototype built by an overachieving design student.

Yes, for a mere $2,000 you can have a silly and somewhat pointless Watur door to impress and beguile your friends and acquaintances. Just make sure to be smart about it and use it as an interior door, for obvious reasons.

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