The USB Pet Rock, for those who have it all, something that does nothing

by Shayne Rana

This is one of those ‘devices’ that you look at and go ‘What the…????’ Why? Because it’s a rock with a USB cable attached to it. Of course it provokes the most obvious of questions – What does it do? And the answer will blow your mind. It does absolutely nothing. It has no memory capacity so you can’t store anything in it. It doesn’t light up and it doesn’t send out any signals or receive any. The best use I can think of is using it as a paper weight although that’s not exactly what it’s designed for according to the creator, who’s technically Mom Nature, but in the case of this particular rock, the guys from Think Geek. No, they believe that the Pet Rock USB is more of a conversation piece, an ice breaker that does nothing but set you back $9.99. It’ll be handy for those times when I needed something to throw at someone from work.

Think Geek

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