The USB Doorbell for a customized dingdong

by deepa

This one is for folks who are very picky about the ring tones on their cell phones. They can now customize (who in the world can think of) the typical “ding dong” of their standard doorbell. The USB Doorbell allows you to play your preferred sound effects, music, audio clips, movie quotes…….whatever! Whenever somebody presses that little button by your front door the USB Doorbell will “ring” using the jingle you have set. It first connects to your computer via USB (cable included) and will store any up-to-thirty second WAV or MP3 soundclip that you wish to use. Then disconnect it from your computer and attach it to your existing doorbell wiring. Unfortunately this isn’t battery powered. It has three different volume settings and a mounting loop for attaching the USB Doorbell to a small screw or hook. Jump over for the video….

Powered by three AA batteries (not included), you can pick it up from ThinkGeek for $100.
Via – Gizmodiva

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