The ultimate wake-upper!

by Gareth Mankoo

Here’s something cool for all you lazy bums who refuse to disengage your sloppy bottoms from your mattress. It’s an alarm clock that’s equipped with a bright LED lamp and a Bedshaker to make sure that you don’t miss the bus. The volume of the alarm clock can be adjusted so that the hangover is beaten by the noise of the consistent ringing. The Bedshaker option adds to this by sending some vibrations through your mattress that bring back to consciousness, every nerve of your body! This can be used without the audible alarm. Another feature stuffed into this is the telephone ring signaler that will wake you up even if you are in the deepest of slumbers to attend your bosses call.

This is a great combination of three different technologies that are made for the simple reason; waking you up. You gotta be dead if all of these fail.