The Ultimate Star Wars Inspired Home System

by ruchi

If you thought you had seen it all that was there to the Star Wars Obsession, this terrific home theatre design will make you drool and belittle the presence of all the Darth Vader goodies in your closet. Staged in a mega-fan’s home in Hawaii, the spaceship like design is spread over a sprawling area of 10,000 square feet and consists of six flat panel HDTVs, each with a futuristic touchscreen remotes from Crestron. There are life-size R2-D2 and C-3PO droids that talk. It also has a three dimensional fiber optic starscape and also the interesting motorized pocket door that is the entrance thus really making you feel as if you are stepping into space.

The design folks here are Acoustic Innovations of Boca Raton have made this stunning home theater system didn’t want the tech gear to interfere with the intergalactic illusion so they have wisely disguised it. There are acoustic panels on the walls were designed to look like starship doors, equipment racks turn 180 degrees. The space-age home theatre system can double into a Star-Wars-Heritage-Walk setup wherein the owner can actually charge visitors to witness the ultimate in Death Star fetish.

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