The three new HP Minis are sure to strike a chord

by Gareth Mankoo

Oh look at them, all HP and Mini. Yeah, those same small contraptions made to be more portable yet, without compromising on the style and functionalities. Three more! The first is the ‘HP Mini 110 XP Edition’ that has a Gigabyte of main memory and a choice of either a 32 GB solid state drive or a 160 GB drive. It’s also got WWAN and promises a likely treat for HD fans with the help of Crystal HD Enhanced Video acceleration. Next we have the ‘HP Mini 110 Mi Edition’ that’s made for those who just want to make the most of the applications. It will have Linux as the OS and will run on 2 GB RAM and a storage space of 250 GB. Finally we have the ‘HP Mini 1101’ which will have a choice of XP Home, XP Pro and Vista. There are two battery options up for grabs with this one as well – a 3 cell option or a 6 cell one.

The toned down XP edition should most likely sell for $330 while the Mi may cost $280. They live up to the looks that they have maintained over the months that they have ruled the heart of HP fans. Surely, these Minis are going to be given a double take.