The Terex Titan, The World’s Largest Truck

by radhika

The vital stats of this humongous truck will leave you astounded. The Terex Titan (built by the Terex Corporation then of General Motors) is 66 feet (20 m) long and 22.6 feet (6.9 m) tall. When its dump box is extended it stands 56 feet (17.1 m) tall; that’s about five stories tall. When empty, this earth-hauling lorry prototype weighs of 235 tones, and takes a maximum loaded weight of 550 tones. The wheel itself is 12 feet tall! Built in late 1974 at GM’s London, Ontario Plant, it was to undergo 12 months testing in California. In 1978, it was assembled in Sparwood BC for Kaiser Resources Ltd. It was retired from service at a coalmine in 1990 and is now located in Sparwood. The truck was powered by a 169.5L (10,343 c.i.) 16 cylinder 3300 hp (2,460 kW) engine coupled to a generator. The generator then powered 4 electric traction motors located at each rear wheel. It took eight highway lanes to U-Turn this giant. The video tells it all!

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