The Super-Secret Spy Lens – The ultimate in capturing people in their essence

by mohsin

When capturing a crowd of people it’s obvious to get them in a natural pose, but try taking a single individual’s photograph and you will quickly learn on how unnatural your photograph will appear. This is because no matter how much you try, if your subject is aware of your lens pointed at them, they immediately get self-conscious and act prim and proper. This won’t be much of an issue if you are to use this clever little SLR perescopical lens, innovatively called Super-Secret Spy Lens. This lens allows you take photographs without causing too much suspicion, a great tool for amateur paparazzi aspirants, or simply the voyeurs loitering around.

The Super-Secret Spy Lens will cost you around $50 and is the ideal tool to achieve natural un-posed shots of children or even people walking by on the street.

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